Avinash Purushottam Nawathe, is the sole proprietor, leader and mentor of the dynamic and creative team at "Avinash Nawathe Architects", a thorough professional, with an experience of over 31 years in shaping Pune's skyline.

Architecture for him wasn't just a career choice that he made in his adolescent years. But rather a slow and continuous obsession that he cherished from an early age. Right from his school days he recalls talking about buildings and spaces with his friends, noticing 'built form' was his second nature, which led to him developing another obsession, which was to pursue his B. Arch. from Sir J. J. School of Architecture, Mumbai, which he did when he graduated first class in 1980, thus fulfilling a childhood dream and ambition.

One thing that was definite about him, was that he always wanted to be an architect par excellence and for this while studying architecture, which as it is was a full time pain staking course, he worked in different architectural firms. Garnering much needed exposure and at the time of his convocation, he was thus already four years 'experienced' which gave him his unique vision to appreciate the 'good' and identify 'also ran' designs.

Ar. Avinash Nawathe approaches design like a poet, for him it all starts with the words, the underlying concept that is to be put to meter in form of a 'sketch'. His ability to connect architecture with the essence of life, i.e. human emotion, is what made him the stalwart he is today. There were many who influenced him, not just with his career but in every sphere of life that gave him the vast reservoir from where his ideas manifest. After all life and architecture are inseparable, both are interdependent and influence each other greatly.

As a master in his craft, working tirelessly in the stubborn Pune market, he understands that the major challenge in architectural creations, is maintaining your architectural intent without any compromise in the midst of multiple demands of different disciplines including the local byelaws. After thirty years of experience, Ar. Nawathe still maintains his curiosity and ability to push the creative edge as he firmly emphasizes on the fact that architecture is ever changeable.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) 1980.

Professional Affiliations:

1) Registered with Council of Architecture Ca / 89/ 11974.

2) Member of Indian Institute of Architects

3) Architects Engineers and Surveyors Association (AESA)

4) Rotary Club

Professional Experience: 31 years

Personal Life: When it comes to personal life, professionals like me usually have to make the most of the little time that we get; reading, golf and traveling is how I maximize on the time I take out for myself.

Reading contributes greatly to the soul of my work and personality, as I visualize from word, reading allows me to add to my vocabulary in a unique way. I believe it is reading that has motivated me through my life and continues to add inspiration in my life and work. Reading allows me to experience emotions and situations that might not be possible in the real life, but none the less these encounters with unknown worlds, brings meaning to life, quite literally.

Golf became the refreshing change I look forward to, right since the first time I held a club, it is a precision sport, with minimum rules, allowing me to exercise my style and spirit.

Traveling for me is a combination of relaxation and exploration. I believe it allows us to experience a slice of our own life, in an all new flavor.

Social Facet:

1. Past President of Rotary Club of Pune, Model Colony

2. Director for Remand Home.